Tristan Tritt Rocks Out in New Single, ‘Sick of It’

Georgia native Tristan Tritt has just dropped some straight up high energy rock ‘n’ roll. You can call it punk, you can call it heavy, whatever you want – but what you can bet on is that it is pure Tritt. It is refreshing to hear a song like this in 2024. It’s a reminder that each generation is keeping this sound and style alive while putting their own unique spin on it. This single is called Sick of It.

There’s a really cool mix here – you have punk riffs and punk influenced lyrics, but you get an earworm of a pop hook, which goes together so well. The melody in this tune is fantastic, and the delivery of each verse is well done by Tritt. The musicianship is on point as well, with aggression and stamina belting with each note. The production is also killer, giving us a big, in-your-face feeling with each note.

Tristan Tritt is an absolute beast and we cannot wait to hear more from him. Go give his new single, Sick of It, a listen now!


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