Holly Beth and Dylan Wheeler Release New Rendition of ‘i wish u would hate me’

It’s been a couple months since Holly Beth’s debut album, twentyfive, came out. Since its release, there has been a lot of positive feedback and the tunes have been spinning for old and new fans alike, giving Beth a nice boost with her rebrand. One of the most popular songs on the record is i wish u would hate me, and on May 24th, she dropped a new version of it, this time featuring Dylan Wheeler.
This newest rendition still has all the charm as the original – the catchy hook, relatable lyrics, fantastic vocal work by Beth, and strong melody. Wheeler’s addition only added to the quality here. He has been making quite the pop in the past few years in the Texas scene, especially with the blending of country and rock that is killing it over there these days. I wish u would hate me and most of the other tracks off twentyfive are very indie pop-driven, so hearing Wheeler tackle that style here with Beth is really impressive and shows his range.
Holly Beth and Dylan Wheeler paired very well for this rendition, so if you dig what you hear, I highly suggest you listen to her most recent record, twentyfive, to familiarize yourself with some solid, unique work that has come out recently.

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