Rowdy Alternative Podcast – Mike McClure Takeaways

On this past episode of the Rowdy Alternative podcast, we chatted with Red Dirt legend, Mike McClure of The Great Divide. Anyone who knows the genre knows who The Great Divide is, and how their influence basically made the scene what it is today. McClure pointed out that Stillwater, Oklahoma has been the breeding ground for talented Red Dirt artists who strive to make a living playing their own songs. He described the scene as “waves” of artists that come and go, each contributing to the growth of Red Dirt.
McClure also had some views on the industry these days. He says the impact of technology in music consumption has led to shorter attention spans, which shifts the focus to singles rather than full albums. He also loves the vinyl boom we’re going through because there’s nothing quite like having that physical copy you can hold, feel, and read through. McClure also stated that navigating the music industry can be challenging, but staying true to one’s own music and maintaining artistic integrity is key to long-term success.
There’s a lot more where that came from, so go check out our interview with Mike McClure through the links below!

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