Goodnight, Texas Infuse Country and Punk in New Single, ‘The Ghost of DB Cooper’

Goodnight, Texas is one of those groups you can’t pin down to a certain sound. You’ll get heavy rock, bluegrass, punk… it just changes with each release, but that’s what makes them killer. The boys have been on a tear when it comes to their last couple of releases. They dropped Dry Heat and The Money or The Time within the past couple months, and on the 22nd of May, we were blessed with another one. This banger is called The Ghost of DB Cooper.
The song starts out with an eerie, uneasy feeling conveyed through the hectic punk-country infused strumming and drum work, which perfectly illustrates the mood. If you’re a fan of Hank III or IV and The Strange Band, The Ghost of DB Cooper is going to be right up your alley. I’ve always loved the production work and method the band uses to make the vocals sound the way they are, and it really shines here.
If you haven’t yet, go listen through Goodnight, Texas’s discography. They’re a true hidden gem that needs to be on everyone’s radar. Also make sure to listen to their newest single, The Ghost of DB Cooper.

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