The Red Clay Strays Release New Single ‘Wanna Be Loved’ and Announce New Album

The Red Clay Strays have been going at it for a while, but due to some recent exposure and virality, they have had quite a boost of attention – and they deserve every bit of it. Consisting of lead vocalist/guitarist Brandon Coleman, guitarists Drew Nix and Zach Rishel, bassist Andrew Bishop and drummer John Hall, this is a group that stands out amongst their peers. The old school style they harness with a mix of soul and country make them super unique in an often-diluted pool. On May 22nd, the boys released their first single, Wanna Be Loved, off their upcoming album, Made by These Moments.
Wanna Be Loved is such a smooth, beautiful tune. The vocal work is premium, with a healthy combination of delicacy and a rough rasp. The warm, swishing instrumental element accompanies Coleman’s performance perfectly. The songwriting is fantastic and is something we can look forward to as The Red Clay Strays keep progressing through their career. The production is wonderful, bringing a cool new style, which is a bit different than their last record, Moment of Truth, which is a masterpiece in and of itself.
As mentioned earlier, we also have a new album to look forward to. The band also posted on the 22nd that Made by These Moments will be released on the 26th of July, just a couple months away. I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped. If you’re not pumped, get pumped.
Go listen to Wanna Be Loved by The Red Clay Strays right now!

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