Them Dirty Roses Drop New Heat with Single ‘Birmingham Steel’

Them Dirty Roses are back with another single on May 15th, which is called Birmingham Steel. This comes after their last one, Candle In The Dark, from back in March. These guys have been killing it and releasing amazing music consistently, and I still think they aren’t getting the flowers they deserve. Hopefully this new tune will knock some sense into people to give credit to the Them Dirty Roses boys once and for all.

Birmingham Steel isn’t a gritty, fast-paced song, but it has a great melody and swing to it with the band’s distinct sound taking it home. The vocal work is sweet as honey as usual, and the bluesy southern influence is as strong as ever. Production is great, which is very full and makes itself known, which was also true in their previous record, Lost in the Valley of Hate & Love Vol. 1. In a nutshell, this is a solid release. Get excited for what’s to come from Them Dirty Roses.

Listen to their newest single, Birmingham Steel, now!


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