Mitchell Ferguson Releases Rendition of The 1975’s ‘All I Need to Hear’

Dallas artist, Mitchell Ferguson, has been on a tear for the last year and a half, and it’s good to know that he’s showing no signs of stopping. On May 5th, he released his rendition of The 1975’s All I Need to Hear. Musicians like Ferguson impress me with not only their original work, but their ability to take a cover of another artist and make it their own. In this instance, he owned that aspect.

While The 1975’s original take on this tune is fantastic, Ferguson does something here that is arguably better (all according to the listener’s preferences, of course). The soul he captures in this with his vocal work is perfect for a song of this style. He maintains the slow, swinging elegance of the original, but he added a soulful element that just tears through you, almost like a Charles Bradley ballad.

Give Mitchell Ferguson’s rendition of The 1975’s All I Need to Hear a listen now!


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