Dexter and The Moonrocks Drop New Single, ‘Sad In Carolina’

The sad astronautical cowboys themselves are back with another banger.

Dexter and The Moonrocks have been absolutely killing it lately. While they’ve been touring like crazy and growing their huge loyal fanbase, the group was also picked up by Big Loud and Severence Records in their joint venture rock label back in January. Needless to say, The Moonrocks have quite the year ahead of them.

On May 1st, Dexter and The Moonrocks released their newest single, Sad In Carolina. While it still possesses their classic sound, it seems like a bit of a changeup in the best way. The tempo is a tad faster than their usual stuff and has that whole “sad lyrics/happy melody” thing going on. The drum work is great on this track and shows great endurance, the vocals are good as always, guitar is blaring, and the melody is right on the money.

It’s so cool seeing this band blow up in front of our eyes. Dexter and The Moonrocks are going to be a huge name by the end of this year, just watch. Until then, stream their newest tune, Sad In Carolina.


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