Trenton Fletcher Cuts Deep with New Single, ‘Check On Your Friends’

Mental health is an important topic, especially in today’s world. Red Dirt artist, Trenton Fletcher, released his newest single, Check On Your Friends, on May 1st. The lyrics cover the tough issue of communication that is sometimes lost when someone feels like it’s the end of the line. The message is great, and especially appropriate with May being Mental Health Awareness Month.

Fletcher said the following about Check On Your Friends:

“This song is special to me, and it hit home when I wrote it. If just one person gets something out of it, that’s all I need.”

The instrumental aspect is fantastic, matching up perfectly with the mood of the lyrics. The guitar work is right on the money with a perfect tone, and the production gets better with each song coming from Fletcher. Do yourself a favor and check out his new single, Check On Your Friends, now!


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