Rowdy Alternative Podcast – Charlie Hickman Takeaways

On this particular episode of the Rowdy Alternative podcast, Sam sits down with Oklahoma musician, Charlie Hickman. Hickman is a Red Dirt rocker at his core, but his Okie music roots still stay with him. He hits on many good points, like the fact that finding your sound is more about the direction of the lyrics and melody than the specific style itself. The spontaneity of the melodies and lyrics can be the starting point of a brand new song, and forcing the songwriting process will just decrease the quality.

Collaborating and touring with other artists is a biggie for Hickman, and it can lead to many exciting opportunities. The live show element is a big deal to him and he loves to make sure he delivers to his fans. Promotion, marketing and networking are important in his world, and Tik Tok can be a valuable tool for that. Hickman keeps up with the times and the business aspect, but at the end of the day he just loves making music.

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