Rowdy Alternative Podcast – Lincoln Parish Takeaways

Lincoln Parish, former member of Cage The Elephant, appeared on the last episode of the Rowdy Alternative podcast. In addition to his Cage The Elephant history, he is also in the supergroup Truckstop Famous, and is a producer as well. To reach success in the music industry, as Parish said, you need to have a combination of hard work, luck, and timing. Once you achieve that success, it can be surreal, so make sure to appreciate and be grateful for the opportunities.

Parish’s position on being a producer is that their value lies in their unique perspective and how they translate the artist’s vision on to a record. On the technical aspect, he believes that analog gear and unconventional techniques can add character and depth to recordings. Different producers have different approaches, though, and it’s important to find someone whose brain works well with your music. Having mentors in the music industry can be invaluable for growth and learning, according to Parish.

Our interview with Lincoln Parish was an informative one, so go ahead and follow the links below to listen on the Rowdy Alternative podcast!


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