Fox N’ Vead Keep it Rocking with New Single, ‘All In’

Fox N’ Vead, the rockers out of North Carolina, are picking up some heat recently. For those that are unfamiliar, the group consists of frontmen Christian Vead and Logan Fox, in addition to bassist Landon Almond and drummer Ashton Redd (shameless plug – if you’d like to hear more about their background, check out our interview with Fox N’ Vead on the Rowdy Alternative podcast). If you listen to some of the music by these boys, like Cashin In for instance, you will know right away that they kill it in the country style, but the rock music coming from them lately is on another level.

The group dropped their newest single, All In, on April 12th, and I tell you what – I’m loving the direction these guys are going. Their last release, February’s Too Far Gone, is what truly hooked me with the solid melody, the booming percussion, and heavy riffs. All In takes a slightly different approach by adding in a sped-up punk element if you listen closely, but the catchy, earworm melody is just as present as always. The musicianship these guys have is fantastic and the production complements it to an unreal level.

Raised Rowdy loves Fox N’ Vead and we hope you do too. This is going to be an exciting band to watch as time goes on. In the meantime, go give their newest single, All In, a listen now!


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