Goodnight, Texas Releases New Single, ‘The Money or The Time’

Goodnight, Texas had a solid release last month titled Dry Heat, which confirmed once again that these guys still have their fastball. One of the most interesting things about this band is their musical diversity.  They aren’t just some run-of-the-mill country group. Led by Avi Vinocur and Patrick Dyer Wolf, the musicianship and creativity between the two is impressive. On the 15th of April, they dropped their newest single, The Money or The Time.

While Dry Heat had much more of a southern rock, blues style, The Money or The Time very different if you really listen. The typical Goodnight, Texas sound is still present here, but perhaps even more prominent is the ‘60s psychedelic, Beatlesque influence. The fuzzy, heavy riffs accompanied by the jazz-rock infused drum work that you’d hear on a Jimi Hendrix Experience or Vanilla Fudge song really sends that home.

The Money or The Time is a fantastic, interesting song. Goodnight, Texas delivered once again, so go give it a listen!


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