Koe Wetzel Drops New Jukebox Jingle, ‘9 Lives (Black Cat)’

Koe Wetzel and the boys are going to be on a tear here coming up, I just know it. After a run of more rock – even grunge- centric music over the past couple albums, a portion of fans were itching for some country tunes from Koe. After a bunch of teasing and rumors, he dropped his single, Damn Near Normal, a few weeks back, which had those elements in it. He also appeared on HIXTAPE: Vol. 3: DIFFTAPE, in which he and Jack Ingram covered If The Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets) to pay tribute to Joe Diffie. Finally, on April 12th, Koe released his newest tune, 9 Lives (Black Cat).

9 Lives (Black Cat) is absolutely a rockin’ country song, leaning more on the southern rock side. It’s twangy, stompin’ and the melody is pristine. This will appease the fans who were waiting for this kind of release while keeping the heaviness to also please the ones who prefer the rock sound. If you’re a Koe fan, you’ll like it – country or rock, it doesn’t matter, it’s pure Koe. The production is fantastic and the musicianship from the Konvicts is A-1 as always. The band sounds tight as ever as they compliment the energetic, swinging vocals.

People are curious to see where this direction is going and what may be in the works for Koe Wetzel, but no matter what that may be, his track record shows that we should all trust him to drop some fantastic quality music.

Listen to 9 Lives (Black Cat) now!


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