Rowdy Alternative Podcast – Austin Meade Takeaways

On this episode of Rowdy Alternative, Texas artist and Raised Rowdy favorite Austin Meade and Sam discuss a number of topics including  his experiences touring with Dirty Honey and opening for legacy bands, which is a great opportunity for exposure. He also talks about the importance of creating an engaging live show and the thought process behind his unique performances, which turns casual fans into dedicated performers. Meade reflects on the progression and uniqueness of his music, particularly his album Abstract Art of an Unstable Mind. His points out how Happier Alone changed his career, and now his newest single, Blackout, charted and had quite the radio run.

He shares his natural approach to music creation and the influences that shape his sound. Meade also discusses fan reception and the challenges of putting together a setlist for different audiences. He also hits on his career milestones, touring experiences, songwriting with guitarist David Willie, the evolution of his songwriting style, the challenges of artist content approval, upcoming music releases, and his plans for shows and tours this summer.

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