Jacob Stelly Releases Newest Single, ‘Far Too Late’

Texas artist Jacob Stelly is back with some new music. Since his 2022 album, Moondog, he has released a few singles including last year’s Letting Go (Losing You)Tearing You Apart and Ophelia. It’s nice to see him back after a number of months with his newest tune, Far Too Late. Stelly is always a fun artist to watch because of his ability to cover many different styles in his sound. This song, for instance, has the songwriting of a country song, the energy of a rock song and the ambiance of a pop song. It all works, and he owns it.

Far Too Late is structured around Stelly’s exceptional songwriting, which is clever and flows without any awkwardness. Another element that he and his bandmates pull off well here is a great melody with a hook that’ll dig into your brain and be stuck with you all day. Not to sound corny, but a little added bonus is that Stelly dropped Far Too Late right when it’s starting to warm up and get closer to the spring and summer, and this feels like one of those songs you can crank up sitting on your patio enjoying an ice-cold beer.

Jacob Stelly is a fun artist to watch and the growth of his fanbase and success is well-deserved. Go do yourself a favor and listen to his newest single, Far Too Late, now!


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