Silly Goose Leads the Nu Metal Militia with New Single, ‘Live It Up’

The goose is once again loose.

Silly Goose, the prodigies of nu metal, have reared their heads again with their newest single, Live It Up – Live. Their rap rock, heavy, pounding, guitar-driven style is so refreshing to hear in the year 2024 to remind everyone that the genre is alive and well, whether you like it or not.

Vocalist Jackson Foster brings the energy as always, with some humorous lyrics while maintaining the fact that he spits absolute bars. With each release, you can tell he’s getting more comfortable with his delivery, scream, and rhymes – also maturing with him is his band. Man, if you want those classic, drudgey nu metal riffs, the build ups and insane drops, the dudes in Silly Goose will kick your face in.

This is such a fun band – no, a phenomenon– to witness. It’s all good times, it’s rage, it’s every emotion you could possibly feel. Go catch Silly Goose at a festival this summer, at a show, or maybe in a parking garage if you’re lucky. Also go spin their new single, Live It Up – Live.


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