Canaan Bryce Cashes in with New Single, ’27 Dollars’

Texas rocker Canaan Bryce, has hinted recently at some cool new directions he’s going to go in with his music. The beauty of Texas artists is that they can oftentimes switch up and progress to their new style seemingly effortlessly. Bryce’s past few releases including 2022’s 3am and Okc, along with Maybe from last year, showed us what he’s all about. He isn’t done yet, though.

Bryce released his newest single, 27 Dollars, on March 29th. It’s a fantastic piece of work from beginning to end. First and foremost, the production is exceptional – it’s warm, grabs you without suffocating and is mixed wonderfully. Bryce’s vocals sound better than ever and fit so well in the rock aesthetic that has taken Texas by storm in recent years. The melody hits hard and the song structure itself is great.

This single is just another weapon for Canaan Bryce to put on his utility belt and we are super stoked to see him blast off on the rocket ship he’s about to get on. Listen to his latest release, 27 Dollars, now!


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