Austin Meade Releases New Rendition of ‘BLACKOUT’ Featuring Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop

Back in May of 2023, Austin Meade dropped one of his biggest and most poppin’ songs at the moment called BLACKOUT, which proved that he is all in with the hard rock style and can easily fit that sound on his utility belt. This release got him some face time on the charts and a lot of radio play, so you can absolutely count that as a scorching success.

Being the nose on the grindstone guy with the “go bigger and better” mentality, Meade released a new rendition on March 21st, featuring Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop.

New BLACKOUT still has all the best qualities as the first one, but it just sounds grittier and more in your face. I can not confirm or deny if the mixing was tinkered with as I can’t really pick up the details too much in that field, or if Worsnop’s vocal addition helped boost that aesthetic, but man this song kicks you in your teeth after that first verse hits. The production on this and songwriting was fantastic since the original drop last year, and Meade’s maturity and musical creativity is progressing to new heights with each project – all that with the help of the vocalist of a band like Asking Alexandria is a guaranteed grand slam.

If you follow Raised Rowdy, odds are you know who Austin Meade is by now. Don’t miss the train before it leaves the station, because he’s blowing up in front of our very eyes. Go check out his work, especially BLACKOUT featuring Danny Worsnop!


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