Brady Wilcox Drops Killer New Track, ‘Better Bars’

Southern Oklahoman, Brady Wilcox, is back with some solid country rock. On March 15th, he dropped his newest single, Better Bars. It has been almost a year since his last release, Curves, which was very solid. The good news is that Wilcox has matured even more in his songwriting, and you can tell he has really found his sound musically as well. He has joined the ever-growing rock-leaning style that has been taking Oklahoma and Texas by storm, and he is one of the guys who really knows how to own it.

Better Bars opens up with some acoustic guitar and electric strumming that builds along with Wilcox’s vocals, which sound phenomenal. The booming drums kick in, and we’re off to the races. The production should also be noted – the rhythm section is put at the forefront, if not equal to the other instrumental elements. It’s a wall of sound in the best way possible while maintaining a clear roadway all the way to the end.

Brady Wilcox has a bright future ahead of him, especially if he keeps owning this specific style he has going on. Go do yourself a favor and listen to his newest single, Better Bars.



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