Palmer Anthony Drops Some Heat with ‘Jack & Jones’

You can always count on Palmer Anthony to have solid releases, but you get some along the way that really stand out to you. His newest single, Jack & Jones, is one of them. Released on March 8thJack & Jones is truly a banger with some traditional roots, but also a healthy dose of that modern style that Anthony has always been able balance. If you’re going to grind as hard as he does when it comes to pumping out quality tunes, you’re going to be getting bangers like this.

The acoustic picking and Western ambience captured in the first few seconds sets us up for Anthony’s smooth vocals. The shuffle change-up during the chorus is great and shoutout to the drummer for that added touch. Anthony’s songwriting is always progressing along with his vocal work, and he’s going to be on a rocket ship here, soon.

Go give Palmer Anthony’s latest single, Jack & Jones, a listen now!


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