Koe Wetzel is Back with New Single, ‘Damn Near Normal’

Koe Wetzel is finally back with some brand-new music. Our last album we got from him and the Konvicts dropped in 2022, with some projects peppered throughout last year including Wasted by Diplo featuring him and Kodak Black, his feature on Ella Langley’s That’s Why We Fight, and his Christmas collection, Koe Wetzel Presents… Wetzel’s Wonderland. Ever since Hell Paso, some would even argue Sellout, Koe has been leaning into the rock and grunge style, and he has been absolutely crushing it. Fans being typical fans, there are as many people who wish he would go back to his country music roots as there are who love this rock stuff.

Lucky for everyone, fortunately, he can pull both styles off flawlessly. This was demonstrated on the 8th of March, when he dropped his newest single, Damn Near Normal.

For those of you who have been chomping at the bit for a country-centric song from Koe, you got it. There are still rock elements that blend great, and with the help of the production, it sounds very pleasant to the ears. The songwriting is fantastic with that Koe flare, and the melody just rolls so smoothly. Damn Near Normal is a sad song lyrically, but the emotion is also illustrated fantastically through the instruments, aesthetic, and ambience you can feel pouring through the speakers. Koe is still at the top of his game, as is his band.

Go do yourself a favor and jam out to Koe Wetzel’s new single, Damn Near Normal.


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