Revelry Drops Debut EP, ‘South of Nashville’

Consisting of vocalist Zack Montgomery, guitarists Jordan Whorley, Redd Byrdd, bassist Dane Lovvorn and Cruze Blanke behind the kit, we have one of the most hardworking and talented bands in the Nashville area. The Murfreesboro band have been grinding since the beginning – through multiple singles, change in band members, a Ryman appearance and much more, we finally get their first official EP, South of Nashville, which was released on March 15th. Raised Rowdy has been covering Revelry since the beginning, and it was a great ride leading up to this collection of tunes.

Kicking off the EP is their single released almost exactly a month ago, I Want You, which the group really hyped the fans up for, and it definitely delivered. The melody, hook, and overall sound of it just sticks in your head like glue. Songs like the Swamp Rock inspired Drunk and the closing track Take Me Home will be fantastic additions to their discography, which really capture the attitude and style of Revelry. Also included is their new version of their first single, Dirty. The original was quality or sure, but it is crazy how much, well, better this rendition sounded. The heavy hitting drums, fuzzy guitar, production… it’s cranked to ten on ever level and is the clearest example of how much the band grew. Bravo, boys.

Personally, I think the strongest tracks on the EP are Them Jeans and In the Ground. I feel like if you were to pinpoint a song out of Revelry’s entire collection to exemplify them as a band to the max, Them Jeans would be in that zone. The bouncy swing of the rhythm section mixed with some heavy riffing gels so well, plus the great Peter Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd) features on this track, giving it the extra spice that makes this a top-tier Revelry song. In the Ground also exemplifies the group with the energetic, fast-moving pace just chugging away. It’s all attitude from front to back.

Revelry’s South of Nashville was definitely worth the wait and absolutely a must-listen for anyone who loves that southern rock ‘n’ roll sound. Go do yourself a favor and give it a listen now!


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