Goodnight, Texas is Back with New Single, ‘Dry Heat’

The boys of GoodnightTexas are unique. On the surface, someone could write them off as a country band and nothing more. If you dig deeper and listen to their tunes, new and old, you’d quickly see the variety and reach that they include in each release. Their last two singles alone demonstrate this – Tough is a soulful and spacious song, with the help from Rainbow Girls, but if you look at their next one, RUNAWAYS, Kirk Hammett and the guys put down a dirty, bluesy number. GoodnightTexas has delivered once again with their brand-new release, Dry Heat.

The core two members of the group are Avi Vinocur and Patrick Dyer Wolf, with a great group of musicians behind them. Their talents are put on full display in Dry Heat, which is a fast paced, chugging tune that could be classified as a healthy mix of Americana and blues. The personnel list on this is stacked, totaling around 7 musicians making this happen, and the production is very well done, capturing the attitude and grit that the song is putting across to our ears.

Do yourself a favor and listen to Dry Heat, by GoodnightTexas. Also make sure you check out all their previous releases. When I think of these guys, I feel like they’re a hidden gem not only in a regional scene aspect, but in the entire American music culture. The talent, diversity in their music, and consistent uniqueness is beyond impressive.

Check out GoodnightTexas now!


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