Them Dirty Roses are Back with New Single, ‘Candle In The Dark’

Them Dirty Roses are back, baby. Their album last year, Lost in the Valley of Hate & Love Vol. 1, topped the year-end list for me, and we here at Raised Rowdy have been thirsty for more ever since. The band has evolved in songwriting, musical chops and production throughout their two releases, cranking out bangers from 2017’s Cocaine and Whiskey and Whiskey in My Cup to 2022’s Black Magic Lady, leading up to the previously mentioned record from last year. On March 1st, we were blessed with another solid single, Candle In The Dark.

The first thing that hit me like a freight train was that heavy, meaty riff that was not expected from these guys. Them Dirty Roses has always been a very rock ‘n’ rollin’ band for sure, but their usual soulful, bluesy sound switches up and almost teeters on the hard rock line here – it is refreshing, killer and absolutely welcomed. Aside from that, vocalist James Ford holds it down as usual while the boys in the band shred, pound and groove their way through the tune effortlessly.

Make sure to support these guys, because it takes fans like you to boost them to the status that they deserve, and with music like this, the world needs to hear it. Go give Candle In The Dark by Them Dirty Roses a listen right now!


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