Dirty Honey Releases New Music Video ‘Coming Home (Ballad of the Shire)’

Dirty Honey is still riding the wave of their most recent record, Can’t Find The Brakes, from back in November. A popular track off that album is Coming Home (Ballad of the Shire), which is different than the typical high energy, blues rock driven sound that has become synonymous with Dirty Honey. The band just dropped their newest music video for the song, which was a great visual representation of the tune itself.

The guys in DH, consisting of vocalist Marc Labelle, guitarist John Notto, bassist Justin Smolian and drummer Jaydon Bean, are all included in the video. They are surrounded in a beautiful outdoor environment that perfectly pairs with the hypnotizing guitar picking and overall aesthetic. Produced and shot by Mark Christy, the video quality is A-1, and you can tell he really put a lot of effort to communicate the meaning of the song in a visual form.

Go check out the music video for Coming Home (Ballad of the Shire) for yourself below!


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