Revelry Keeps their Hot Streak Alive with New Song, ‘I Want You’

The Revelry boys are at it again with some new music. Easily one of the most underrated bands in the scene around Nashville, Revelry has been trotting out some killer singles for a while now – the recent ones being 2022’s Part-Time Playboy and one of Raised Rowdy’s top singles of last year, Lose My Mind. After picking up their new drummer, Cruze Blanke, they put their foot on the gas and haven’t stopped since. Vocalist Zack Mongomery and bassist Dane Lovvorn bring extreme energy with the help of their two extremely talented guitarists, Redd Byrdd and Jordan Whorley.

On February 15th, the group dropped their newest single, I Want You. One thing that these guys have mastered since seemingly the beginning are their hooks in songs and ensuring that it won’t leave your head all day, which is exactly what they did here. The musicianship matures and gets tighter with every release, this time displaying a soulful aesthetic on top of their southern rock and blues fusion. The production is very well done, with the mix sounding perfect and very well put together.

The future is bright for Revelry, as they are a group of hard-working dudes who happen to release some crazy good music that will have you toe-tapping on your first listen. Do yourself a favor and give I Want You a listen and get caught up with the rest of Revelry’s work before they blow up!


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