Corina Grove Drops Newest Single, ‘Happier Now’

Corina Grove, a singer-songwriter out of Dallas, is under the radar at the moment, but if she keeps releasing heat like she has been, it won’t be long before you start seeing her everywhere. Her voice is fantastic, songwriting is A-1, and she has a unique sound that blends so many elements that it has become hers. Grove released her newest single, Happier Now, on February 2nd.

Happier Now started playing and I immediately thought of Kate Bush. Now, I hate making comparisons and I know that is something artists roll their eyes at, but by that I mean that the style Grove is coming off with on this tune is super fresh and there isn’t much similar to it, at least not that I’ve heard. The melody is a total earworm and stays in your head all day in the best way possible, with the hook really delivering it home. The aesthetic that fills the spaces here is my favorite part. It builds up with the vocals and becomes intense, but in a peaceful way.

Go do yourself a favor and give a listen to Corina Grove’s Happier Now.


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