KEMIKALFIRE Brings the Heat in Newest Single, ‘The Drop’

Lit’s Taylor Carroll and Halestorm’s Arejay Hale formed their own band and started creating music during the pandemic. This side project is called KEMIKALFIRE.

Both guys are massively talented beyond the drum set, which are both of their primary instruments in their main gigs. These two together are electric. They released the original and acoustic versions of their debut single Dead and Gone back in 2023, both of which are killer and had fans itching to hear what’s next. Surprisingly, KEMIKALFIRE wasted no time and dropped another single on February 2nd, which is called The Drop.

What you first notice when this song kicks off is that this one is heavyThe Drop begins with some booming drums, screaming riffs and some screaming action. It is really cool to hear both Carroll and Hale’s influences in this single, which you may be able to pick out if you are familiar with their other work. The songwriting here is great, which includes the two of them as well as Scott Stevens. Musicianship is obviously top notch, which isn’t even arguable with these guys. KEMIKALFIRE is back, baby, and we are hyped to see what is next from them.

Listen to KEMIKALFIRE’s new single, The Drop, now!


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