Austin Upchurch Drops Newest Single, ‘Perspective’

Austin Upchurch fits right into that group of Texas artists that deserve a lot more listens than what they currently get. He is one of the only – if not the only – one out of that area who truly captures that pop-punk sound to the highest level. The alternative route he took in the past few releases shows how much he’s grown with his songwriting, vocal prowess and overall quality of his songs. He’s killing it.

Upchurch released his newest single, Perspective, on February 2nd. He cowrote this tune with Kyon Barnes, who you may know from Kody West’s band. The songwriting is fantastic and is conveyed excellently with the way the melody is structured. Seriously, this is a catchy song that will stay in your head all day, which is commonplace for Austin Upchurch’s music. The boys in the band lay down some solid, powerful riffs with the rhythm section thumping and pounding away, creating a great foundation for the rest of the guys. The production is A-1 here as well, creating a warm and driving aesthetic.

I wouldn’t call Upchurch an “up-and-comer” because truthfully, he’s been grinding for a while now. One thing I will say is that he’s still rising up and attracting fans along the way on the regular, and he deserves it. Do not miss the boat on this guy, he has been releasing heat, and heat only, these days.

Go listen to Austin Upchurch’s new single, Perspective, now!


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