Nashville Spotlight: Jordan Dozzi

Big Loud’s Jordan Dozzi is on his way to becoming one of the most in-demand songwriters in town. With a range of increasingly successful cuts under his belt, including Morgan Wallen’s “Man Made A Bar (feat. Eric Church)” and Seaforth and Jordan Davis’ “Good Beer,” his talent is being recognized by the biggest players in country music. In 2023, he had co-written songs cut by ERNEST, Jake Owen, Dylan Scott, Larry Fleet, and more.  

As the hitmaker’s star continues to rise, it’s even more impressive considering his road to Nashville was longer than most…by about 10,000 miles. Raised in Brisbane, Australia, Dozzi got into music at a very young age. His parents and siblings are musicians — in fact, three of his sisters make up the country trio, Dozzi. 

“I would sit in on rehearsals with them,” Dozzi remembers from his early years. “When I visited Nashville for the first time, I played on Broadway with them for three months. That’s kind of how I got introduced.” 

He says it was during that first visit that he decided to pursue songwriting. But in order to do so, he had to overcome a challenge many songwriters don’t face: relocating to the United States. As an accomplished soccer player, he found the opportunity by transferring to Belmont University to compete on the school’s team. Upon arriving in Nashville, he immediately got to work meeting writers in town and honing his craft. When he wasn’t playing soccer or attending class, he was diving headfirst into the local music scene and writing with everyone he could. 

He got into writing and hanging out with now fellow Big Loud signee Rocky Block and rather quickly found a solid group of similarly talented up-and-comers. Things were going well, but there was an ongoing tension between his commitment to soccer and his time spent writing songs. He had pretty much decided that he was going to pursue songwriting over soccer, but it was still challenging balancing both demands. Ultimately, fate cleared the way for him to go full-bore down a single path. 

“I had two seasons left,” Dozzi says of his soccer career at Belmont, “and I tore my ACL. At the same time I got injured, I got a publishing deal offer from Big Loud.” 

After his milestone signing with Big Loud in fall 2021, he was finally able to focus solely on getting better at songwriting. His work paid off through cut after cut with artists like including Chase Matthew, Skeez, Drew Baldridge, and of course Wallen, ERNEST, Owen, Fleet, and more. He’s since become a core songwriter on the Big Loud roster, and in my opinion, one of the best and most well-rounded songwriters in town. But even with his rising success, Dozzi is driven by his love of the craft. In his own words: 

“It’s like scoring a goal. You get this feeling when you flip a hook or finally find the rhyme you’ve been looking for for 45 minutes. You’re like, ‘thank God I spent time doing that.’ It’s good for my soul; my competitiveness; it’s just rewarding.”

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