Stephen Carey Releases New Single “RIP”: An Anthem of Self-Appreciation

Come on down to Rowdy land as we delve into the musical world of Stephen Carey, a rising star in the country music scene, as he unveils his latest single, “RIP.” This catchy and heartfelt song has already made waves in the industry and captured the hearts of fans.

“RIP,” a track that carries Carey’s signature style, was written solely by the artist himself and produced in collaboration with Austin Nivarel who produced Jellyroll’s “Need a Favor”. It’s the kind of song that leaves a lasting mark in your brain as well as your eardrums, perfect for the start of a new year. The single quickly caught the attention of Spotify, earning a spot on their coveted “Next From Nashville” and “New Music Friday Country” playlists. Apple Music also recognized its potential, featuring it on their “New in Country” and “Soundcheck” playlists.

Carey’s inspiration for “RIP” stemmed from the depths of personal experience. He described the song as a testament to healing from a toxic relationship. However, what sets “RIP” apart is its universal appeal. It’s not just about moving on from a troubled past, it’s about self-appreciation and embracing the journey. Carey articulated it beautifully when he said, “It’s about appreciating yourself and your own journey and not being afraid to let that old version of yourself rest in peace so that you can be the best you moving forward.”

“RIP” showcases a blend of shoreline swagger, summery pop hooks, and the simple flowing guitar and drums—all with a touch of Tennessee mojo. This fusion creates a unique sonic landscape that should resonate with listeners.

“RIP” is not just a song; it’s a rallying call for personal growth and self-acceptance.

As you immerse yourselves in Stephen Carey’s musical journey, it’s impossible not to notice his unique sense of style. In addition to his musical talents, Carey boasts a distinct look and a recognizable vocal. With a distinctive look, exceptional musical prowess, and  dedication to his craft, Stephen Carey is undoubtedly an artist to watch.

For those looking to get to know Stephen more themselves & explore his music further, visit his official website at WWW.STEPHENCAREYMUSIC.COM.

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