Palmer Anthony Releases New Single, ‘Cowboy Ride Home’

On the 19th of January, Palmer Anthony dropped his newest single, Cowboy Ride Home. We say it every time Anthony is brought up – he doesn’t stop grinding. He has it figured out when it comes to releasing singles and keeping interest in the modern world of short attention spans. Well, this newest one we got is a good one.

Cowboy Ride Home is a solid release from Anthony. The stripped-down nature is nice, being primarily acoustic guitar and vocals, which really drives home the emotions in this tune. Another thing that makes us sound like a broken record since we say it every time we’re on the topic of Palmer Anthony – his songwriting just gets better with each song. Not only has the lyricism matured, but the phrasing and cadence flows very smoothly and fits the melody like a glove.

Drop what you’re doing and go give Cowboy Ride Home by Palmer Anthony a listen!


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