Silly Goose Unleashes the Beast in Newest Single, ‘King Of The Hill’

The wild boys from Atlanta, Silly Goose, dropped a banger on January 19th. The nu metal revivalists have been drawing a lot of eyeballs with their viral videos playing street shows outside of gas stations, a Buc-ee’s parking lot, and even in the dining room of a McDonald’s and a Waffle House. You can compare them to Limp Bizkit or Rage Against the Machine all you want, but the Goose keep the rap metal fresh, they do it their own way and know how to have fun.

The aforementioned banger that came out on the 19th is called King Of The Hill. The riffs are heavy and absolutely have that nu metal sound. The booming, aggressive drums and bass make for a powerful rhythm section. Vocalist Jackson Foster’s bars have gotten better even when compared to their last record, The Streets Heard It First, which was very solid itself. On a previous Rowdy Alternative podcast episode, Foster said that in the new batch of songs coming out, he has focused more on singing and mastering it. You can really hear that in King Of The Hill, which has a lot more of a melodic feel to it and leans more on the singing side to balance out the rapping.

If you are looking for a fresh, new metal band that gives you feelings of both nostalgia and insanity, Silly Goose is exactly what you’re looking for. They are a great example of doing it your own way, having fun and just being yourself.

Go give King Of The Hill by Silly Goose a listen right now!


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