Hannah Wicklund Releases Brand-New Album, ‘The Prize’

We got the holidays out of the way and we’re finally starting to get some new music! Thank the Lord, it’s new music from Hannah Wicklund. Her brand-new record, The Prize, is finally out. Wicklund has been hot all of 2023 when it came to single releases – Hide and Seek, WitnessLost Love and Hell In The Hallway were some of the best tunes being consistently dropped in such a short period of time. She really delivered with this album, but are we really that surprised?

First and foremost, the production job on this hits right in the sweet spot. Greta Van Fleet’s Sam Kiszka is the man in the chair for this one, and it is truly impressive how well produced this record is. Sonically, this record delivers – for example, Hell In The Highway is quite honestly a masterpiece in that regard on top of the very catchy melody. Wicklund’s vocal performance is top-notch throughout, which you can get a good helping of on a track like Witness. The balance of psychedelia and blues is right up her alley, while also experimenting in the folk aspect, like on Lost Love. We also hear some string action on the title track, The Prize.

Do yourself a favor and give Hannah Wicklund’s The Prize a listen. This is a very early contender for album of the year, dare I say. Check it out!


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