Reed Brothers Drop New Single, ‘Dad’

Hailing from San Antonio, Reed Brothers are an underrated country group, plain and simple. They’ve put out some solid releases over the past couple years – their 2015 EP and 2019 single, Heartstrings, are fantastic. Their newest release, Dad, is a great addition to their discography. If you don’t do well with emotional tunes, beware.

Reed Brothers really delivered on their hook, first off. It’s instantly addictive and can get stuck in your head after one listen. The musicianship is solid too. This is a country song for sure, but there’s some rock elements thanks to the guitarwork and production. These guys are fantastic, and so is this single. We have some great music being released into the Rowdy-sphere already, just a couple weeks into 2024, and Dad has earned its place.

Do yourself a favor and give Dad by Reed Brothers a listen!



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