Josh Mitcham Releases Killer New Single, ‘Champagne Face’

Josh Mitcham, who some may know from his former group, Jericho Woods, is back with another single. His newest release, Champagne Face, dropped on January 12th. Featuring Foo Fighter keyboardist, Rami Jaffee, this tune “lifts off right from the first note”, as Mitcham says. The experience here is obvious and it’s great to see the work keep getting cranked out by him.

Champagne Face kicks off right away with Mitcham’s own style, but the Foo Fighters sound is also there if you really think about it – not only in the keyboards, but the drum work and melody are very reminiscent of that. The melody is A-1, as is the catchy hook. Production on this single is very solid, and rounds out this fun song about holding on to a lover that is out of your league.

Go give Champagne Face by Josh Mitcham a listen, and also check out his previous work!


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