Holly Beth is Back in a Big Way with New Single, ‘trevi’

Holly Beth is back and better than ever with her brand-new single, trevi. I wouldn’t call it a rebrand, but she’s definitely starting on a new path with this single. Being more that a year since her last release, shoulda known better, she has been cooking with producer Taylor Kimball and his independent label, Sour Sonics, and she has absolutely found her sweet spot.

Trevi is beautiful, both lyrically and aesthetically. The piano drives the song in the best way, with a spacey, ambient atmosphere that really puts you in a certain space that helps you digest the song in its entirety. Beth is truly a great songwriter and her voice is unmatched – that combined with Kimball’s masterful production resulted in this top tier tune.

Her proficiency in her songwriting, as mentioned before, really illustrates the emotional rollercoaster ride we take when pursuing a new love.

With it being so early in the year and we’re already getting this banger, I am very excited about what Holly Beth has in store – and you should be too. Go give her newest single, trevi, a listen now!


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