Corina Grove Releases Stripped-Down Version of ‘I’ve Been Here Before’

Corina Grove is one of those talents who, if you start keeping tabs now, you will watch blossom in front of your eyes and take off quickly. There’s no way she won’t – she has the voice, evolving lyricism that is on a great track, and the “it” factor. She just dropped a new stripped-down version of her 2023 single, I’ve Been Here Before on YouTube. After giving it a gander, it’s safe to say it does not disappoint.

Right away, one of the most standout elements of this version is the very cool, echoey effects on the guitar that create a haunting, but super beautiful ambience. That’s probably the biggest grab that this interpretation has, at least in my opinion, but there is plenty more. Grove’s voice is on point as always but is even more solid with everything else stripped-down. Another sweet element I noticed was that the production made this version sound so full and spacey, all while being more raw and simplified. It’s really cool how that worked out in the final product.

Go do yourself a favor and go listen to Corina Grove’s new take on I’ve Been Here Before on YouTube!




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