Raised Rowdy’s Top Albums of 2023

It’s that time of year, folks.

2023 was a great year filled with fantastic albums, and now it’s time to rank them.

The Raised Rowdy staff each put together their own lists of their favorites throughout 2023. Keep in mind that these are all personal opinions, and we quite simply don’t care about stats and numbers. If we like it, we rank it.

Without further ado – Raised Rowdy’s top albums of 2023:


Nicky T’s Picks:

1.       Teenage Dixie – Muscadine Bloodline

Gary and Charlie and their band have continued to impress and evolve with their Teenage Dixie record. This album is probably the best showcase of both singers voice and talents we have seen yet and I absolutely love that the boys are way more interested in driving home their own sound in country music as opposed to doing what everyone else is.
2.       One Thing at a Time – Morgan Wallen
What can I say – Morgan is one of the pillars of country music, and this record and all 36 of its songs is where country music is right now. The team at Big Loud (my previous employer) has really done their due diligence in making sure the album was packed with smash radio-ready material spanning far across the landscape of what is happening in country music. Morgan’s voice and insider rebel personality have hit home with country fans and brought so many new fans to the genre.
3.       Tuesday Nights at Scoreboard – Old Hickory
Dan Alley, Andy Austin and Timothy Baker have given us some of the best 3-part harmonies in Nashville in recent memory. Their songs sound timeless and features each vocal prominently, but in perfect balance. This album hasn’t blown up the boys yet, but it’s about as good of a debut as I have heard this year. I can’t wait to hear even more from these fellas as it comes along. One trip down main and you will see why these retro souls are part of what makes Music City and country music so great.
Honorable Mentions:
Do It Anyway – Jade Eagleson
Jade Eagleson is the face of Canadian country music and it’s just about time he becomes one of the faces of it nationally. His traditional sound and motif really gives his music some deep roots in what has historically made country music… well, country. I find myself listening to so many of these tracks on repeat and I wish you would hear them on your radio all over the good ‘ole USA.
Mockingbird and the Crow – HARDY
HARDY and this album really stamp out not only where he is as an artist, but also where the genre is leaning. Rock is back in a big way in Nashville, and HARDY and his live show really propels this section of the genre and Rural Rock to the masses. Not only is this album electric, it’s also steering the segment.
Top EP:
Reid Haughton – Reid Haughton
Reid, being an Alabama boy, you would assume learned from the great singer-songwriters of that state. You can hear the Alabama roots come out in this rootsy rock EP and the songs are commercially viable while still sounding unique to Reid. Give this EP a listen if you haven’t, it’s a good one.
I wanted to highlight a few singles that I couldn’t stop listening to this year: 
Danced With the Devil – Ashland Craft
The story in this song is so relatable to current culture, but is also a timeless story. That’s when you know, in my mind, that a song is great.  Ashland’s signature rasp is one of the most pleasing vocals I have come across in my love of music. This song, in my opinion, will stand the test of time even if it didn’t get the love it deserved in 2023.
Pray All the Way Home – Austin Snell
I love rock ‘n’ roll and I love country music, so it’s not uncommon for me to love songs that blend those two genres. Austin’s vocal is pure southern gold and the Baylis production on this song gives a modern and timely feel. I have had this one on repeat all year.
Where The Wild Things Are – Luke Combs
Luke Combs, who on top of being the best vocalist in country music, is known for penning so many hit songs. He finally cut one of his buddy’s songs and we are so glad he did. Luke absolutely crushes this Randy Montana and Dave Turnbull smash. Luke has had an incredible year on the back of his crossover hit, Fast Car, but something about Wild Things just really makes you feel every word.
Rock Bottom – Lakeview
Lakeview really figured out exactly who they were musically in 2023 and I think Rock Bottom is the best example of that. Jesse and Luke merge country and rock better than anyone I can think of and they are preaching to the working class. If you haven’t seen a Lakeview show you are missing out and this track has been on repeat since it’s drop.


Sam’s Picks:

1.       Lost in the Valley of Hate & Love Vol. 1 – Them Dirty Roses

Them Dirty Roses takes the cake as my number one pick. This record, at least in my opinion, is massively underrated and flew under the radar all year. It’s a fresh new sound coming from these boys with a fuller, produced element to it that creates soulful, bluesy Southern Rock that they’ve become masters at creating. Some killer tracks on the album include Good Life and You Can’t. The whole album has no skips, so give it a listen if you haven’t already!

2.       Can’t Find The Brakes – Dirty Honey

I was excited ever since Dirty Honey announced their new record to finally be able to hear it, and it did not disappoint. Their discography even before Can’t Find The Brakes was simply elite, and the newest addition just adds to it. Songs like Don’t Put Out The FireRoam and Get A Little High are very strong, as are the most popular releases on the record – Won’t Take Me Alive and the title track. Dirty Honey is a group that is a juggernaut in the modern rock scene, and they are definitely ones to keep your eye on.

3.       Southall – Southall

Read Southall Band changed their name to Southall this year to symbolize the tightness, chemistry, and shared talent of the group. That is very apparent after their newest self-titled release. I wouldn’t call it a rebrand, but the direction the band went for this record shows off their range and ability to make some of the best “rural rock” (shoutout Jeremee Knipp for the term) you’ll ever hear. Scared Money is not only the best track on the album, but one of the best tunes I’ve heard in a long time. Other killer songs on the record include By SurpriseWhen You’re Around and By Surprise. Go bless your ears with this release!

Honorable Mentions:

Hackney Diamonds – The Rolling Stones

Have A Nice Day – Treaty Oak Revival

Family Ties – Charles Wesley Godwin

Rustin’ In The Rain – Tyler Childers

But Here We Are – Foo Fighters


Peyton’s Picks:

1.       Leather – Cody Johnson

This should be a #1 for everyone across the board. CoJo proves why he is the current king of country music and should be viewed as such. The record features the song Dirt Cheap, which in my opinion is one of the best country songs I have ever heard. With features from Jelly Roll and Brooks & Dunn, there’s not a single bad or boring song on the record. Cody Johnson just might end up being the greatest of all time.

2.       Tuesday Nights at Scoreboard – Old Hickory

The brand new trio freshly signed to River House Artists released their debut album this year. This is real country music. The three-part harmonies and the lyrical creativity in songs such as Speed Limit 35, Listen to Hank, and She’s Gonna Roll. Old Hickory is now part of the movement to bring real country music back to Nashville, Tennessee.

3.       Blacktop – Corey Kent

Coming in at number three for my top three albums of the year, we have Corey Kent’s debut project, Blacktop. Corey’s hits speak for themselves as most people know Wild As Her and Something’s Gonna Kill Me. However, this record includes some of his best songs like BiC Flame, which is a lyrical masterpiece. This ten-song record is essentially perfect and a great start to Corey’s rapidly growing career. In great company with Cody Johnson and Old Hickory, these three are bound to change country music forever.

Honorable Mentions:

Muddy Water Rockstar – Austin Snell

Lucky – Megan Moroney

We’re Young, Alright – Aidan Canfield

Luke’s Picks:

1.       Southern Star – Brent Cobb

The South Georgia songsmith never disappoints. Brent Cobb dropped Southern Star on September 22nd and again proved the wide reach of his homegrown sound. From soulful, gospel-tinged anthems (’On’t Know When, Livin’ the
Dream) to downtempo acoustic ballads (Kick the Can, Shade Tree), the Grammy nominee pulled out all the stops for his sixth studio effort. Featuring ten new songs, including his fan-favorite title track, Southern Star’s stylistic twists
and turns never feel out of place; like cruising down Georgia on I-75 and taking in the evolving countryside. As always, small town stories abound in Cobb’s latest album, each told through vivid lyrics that stick in the mind long after they’re

2.        Family Ties – Charles Wesley Godwin

Charles Wesley Godwin is one of the leading voices in a new crop of young headliners forging a mainstream path for country-folk (others include Zach Bryan, Noah Kahan, Colby Acuff). Since dropping his debut LP, Seneca, in 2019, he has
swiftly made a name for himself as one of the genre’s most authentic and articulate storytellers. His latest album, Family Ties, which also arrived on September 22nd, already contains some of his best-loved songs to date. Listening to its 19 tracks from start to finish is an immersive experience, like
witnessing the recording live in studio. His transcendent performance skills are captured perfectly, showcasing his unpolished voice over humble instrumentation for one of the strongest releases of the year for any genre.

3.       Peace Mountain – Nicholas Jamerson

Nicholas Jamerson is a genre pioneer who deserves more credit for thinking outside the box. His songs, always grounded in country music, have an unmistakable sound
— sometimes it’s a unique rhythm or drumbeat; sometimes it’s sound effects mixed with acoustic instrumentation; sometimes it’s just the way he is singing. His latest
album, Peace Mountain, is one of the truest examples of his one-of-a-kind style. Its 14 songs (not including two interludes) each evoke a different universe. Lexington is part upbeat love story and part ode to Southern festivities; I Love Blue is an RnB-leaning confessional and duet with Magnolia Boulevard. Throughout it all, Jamerson’s thoughtful lyrics and drawly vocals connect the dots.

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