Graycie York Connects Deep with New Single, ‘Sober’

Graycie York is a singer-songwriter out of the Texas scene who is absolutely crushing it right now. She is one of those voices that you can picture hearing on the radio and popping off big time very soon. Her recent releases have been extremely well written and performed flawlessly, so it’s no surprise whatsoever that her newest single, Sober, released on December 8th, is right up there as well – but this one in particular is one of her overall best.

Sober is an all too familiar story that a lot of people can unfortunately relate to at least at some point in their lives. The way York lays out the scenario in her lyrics and transforms them into song is fantastic. Sonically, the tune is produced very well, and the ambiance really puts you in the frame of mind that the lyrics are trying to communicate. The band does great and helps sway the song along like you’re riding a wave all the way through.

Join the Graycie York club before she blows up because that’s coming very soon. Also give her newest single, Sober, a listen today!



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