Alli Walker Steps Into Her Next Chapter with ‘Hung Up’

Canadian country sensation Alli Walker is embarking on a new chapter with her latest release ‘Hung Up,’ marking a pivotal moment in her journey as she gets ready to establish roots in Nashville in 2024.

Co-Written with Dave Cohen, who doubles as Allie’s producer on the track and legendary songwriter Kelly Archer, ‘Hung Up’ takes us into the evolution of the Alli Walker story as her stock in the Country Scenes of Nashville and Canada continue to rise. 

Walker’s diverse journey began as a bagpiper and classical vocal major, eventually leading her from Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island, to the big city of Toronto. Balancing her musical pursuits with modeling for global brands and acting in some shows, she released her debut independent album in 2018, swiftly claiming a spot in the Top 10 charts.

The pandemic may have disrupted her initial plans for Nashville, but it unexpectedly propelled Walker into TikTok stardom. The traction gained on the platform significantly influenced her second album, ‘Growing Up,’ which soared to #6 on iTunes Country charts.

Earlier this year Alli made a HUGE splash with the TikTok sensation “The Whiskey’s Gone,” seamlessly fusing her love of bagpipes with country music. Also produced by Dave Cohen, the sea shanty showcased her eclectic musical approach and set the stage for her upcoming endeavors.

Beyond her musical prowess, Walker has become the first music ambassador for J.P. Wiser’s and assumed the lead hosting role in a major car restoration show with a substantial online following that will be coming soon! 

As of 2024, Walker is officially relocating to Nashville, solidifying her commitment to the heart of country music. With ‘Hung Up’ as the precursor to her next album and global tour dates on the horizon, Alli Walker is poised for a remarkable push in her ever growing career.

‘Hung Up’ not only represents a pivotal moment in Alli Walker’s musical evolution but also symbolizes her full-time immersion into the Nashville scene. As she continues to push boundaries and shape the future of country music, Walker’s story remains one of versatility, determination, and an unwavering commitment to her craft.

Alli is also this week’s guest on Outside The Round, we chat about her backstory, the new music, the Canadian Country scene and what she has in store for 2024! 

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