Treaty Oak Revival Show Out with Killer New Album, ‘Have A Nice Day’

There are few Texas country acts at this moment picking up steam quite like Treaty Oak Revival. Since their start in 2009, the West Texas band has gained quite a following by showing off, to an exceptional extent, just what that scene has to offer. Treaty Oak combines their country roots with a gritty, heavy sound with some punk attitude sprinkled in. It’s truly no surprise that these guys are racking in over a million monthly listeners on Spotify and picking up new fans with every stop they make on their tour.

Treaty Oak just released their newest record, Have A Nice Day, on November 24th, and it is yet another killer addition to their catalogue.

Consisting of Sam Canty, Lance Vanley, Jeremiah Vanley, Kelly McKay and Andrew Carey, the group has mastered the classic style of Texas country while making it fresh and their own. This is shown throughout the album, but another thing that you can pick up is the emotion and attitude that they are not afraid to express. That punk influence is likely a big factor here, but they pull no punches. Songs like See You in Court and Fishnets are standouts for me, but other great tracks include In Between, Haunted House and Chasing My Tail.

The entirety of Have A Nice Day has something to offer and should absolutely be listened to in its entirety to get the full experience. This may be a possible album of the year contender to some avid listeners as well.

Don’t waste any more time! Go give Have A Nice Day a listen and get hip to Treaty Oak Revival!

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