Dexter and The Moonrocks Release Newest Sad Cowboy Banger, ‘Autopilot’

The sad cosmic cowboys themselves have dropped another heater. Dexter and The Moonrocks released their newest single, Autopilot, on November 10th. This has been their most recent drop since Birds and the Bees, which was a little over a few months ago. That release gained a lot of traction and The Moonrock’s social media following of die-hard fans definitely shows how rapidly these guys are rising. Their charm is perhaps the dichotomy of their moody lyrics and gloomy musical style mixed with their goofy and unique sense of humor. Whatever it is, they’re killing it.

Autopilot is another banger from these guys that is very relatable lyrically to pretty much any person with feelings. You’re stuck in a rut, close to giving up, just on autopilot. Musically, the melancholy and spacey sound that The Moonrocks have honed so well backs up the lyrics and vocal performance to really get the message across in this tune.

If you’re a fan of not only modern, upcoming rock ‘n’ roll bands, but also love straight up alternative music, give Dexter and The Moonrocks a listen. While you’re at it give their newest single, Autopilot, a listen!

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