Mitchell Ferguson Teams up with Austin Meade for Another Take on ‘Hurt So Bad’

Well, it finally happened, boys and girls! Anyone who is familiar with the Texas music scene, specifically when it comes to live shows, knows about the electric shows put on by both Austin Meade and Mitchell Ferguson. Whether playing their own shows or together, the stage presence is always on point, the crowd work is exceptional and you’re always going to have a good time. Meade and Ferguson are both very similar and are also great friends offstage, so it was not surprising to see that that the two sang a new rendition of “Hurt So Bad.”

The new single, released on November 10th, is just as killer as the original, which Ferguson dropped seven months ago and as part of his newest EP, WHOLE LOTTA SAUCE. On this version, Meade brings the juice in his verse and contributions to the hook. The pair are both creatively unique and are definitely in that “standout” group that just refuses to blend in and become musically stagnant. Much like Ferguson, Meade’s voice is instantly recognizable. Another consistent thing he brings to his songs, as well as others, is his songwriting and constantly improving skill of phrasing and structuring his cadence to keep it interesting and groovy.

I’m 100% super biased about everything Mitchell Ferguson does, I can admit, but I cannot stress to you just how fresh and different his work is – same goes for Austin Meade. If you love progression coming from artists and need a taste of a product that constantly evolves and changes – something that isn’t afraid to be different – go binge-listen to these fellas. You can start out by giving “Hurt So Bad” a listen right now!

Cover Photo by Jake Ryan Hull.

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