Premiere: Introducing Averie Bielski and Her New Single ‘Wine’d Up’

Meet Averie Bielski, the Roswell, Georgia native who traded playing on the field for crafting melodies in the heart of Music City. Initially envisioning a college career, Averie’s path shifted dramatically after a devastating knee injury during her sophomore year. At a crossroads, she made the courageous decision to pivot toward something entirely different.

At just 18, she packed her bags and set her sights on Nashville, putting college on hold to immerse herself in the world of songwriting. “So far, it has been the best year of my life!” Averie exclaims. Becoming a fixture in the music scene, she proudly identifies with her cohort of young writers and artists who migrated to Nashville around the same time she did.

Now, let’s talk about her latest single, ‘Wine’d Up,’ which we’re thrilled to premiere here at Raised Rowdy! “I was playing a round in town called ‘Wine’d Up,’ and I thought it would be a really cool song, so I went home and wrote a chorus,” shares Averie. The song took shape during a laid-back writing session with her pals and well-known songwriters Clara Park, Zach John King, and Chase McDaniel. “Those writers have become three of my great friends, which is amazing to look back on.”

The journey of ‘Wine’d Up’ continued as Averie embraced the power of TikTok, amassing a sizable audience. While the song caught the attention of a major label Nashville artist, it ultimately didn’t make the cut. However, the buzz it generated around 16th Avenue and the Nashville scene prompted Averie to seize control. She teamed up with producer Frank Legeay to record and independently release “Wined Up.” It’s a departure from Averie’s usual vibe, showcasing her growth as an artist navigating the twists and turns of the music industry.

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Averie Bielski’s story is one of unexpected turns, creative collaborations with her closest friends, and embracing change in the face of life’s uncertainties. Stay tuned for “Wine’d Up” as it becomes a fresh chapter in Averie’s musical journey—an odyssey driven by passion and a commitment to doing what you love, no matter where the road leads.

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