Jenna LaMaster Wows with Debut Single “Drunk Thoughts”

Nashville sometimes feels crowded. It seems like a constant influx of music for listeners to take in, but sometimes a person and a voice can break through that loud chaos that is the music world and releases a debut single that really captivates. That is exactly the case with Jenna LaMaster and her debut single “Drunk Thoughts”. Jenna LaMaster, the Northern California-native who once was a barrel racer and has played tunes for the cowboy church, has come through with a song we absolutely love for her debut. If you have been in Nashville you might know Jenna, as she has been a staple in the community for longer than I have lived in Nashville (3 years). But let’s talk a little bit about her time before she made it to Music City.

Hailing from the mountains of California and making her way through Texas’s rodeo circuits, Jenna took the leap to Nashville with nothing but dreams, her grandpa’s guitar, and raw talent. And if there’s anything to be said about the Nashville spirit, it’s that it recognizes and celebrates authenticity. Jenna is exactly what we call Authentic.

“Drunk Thoughts” isn’t just a song for Jenna, it’s a narrative that many of us know all too well. As Jenna herself says, it’s about that “real-time look at the internal dialogue you have when you’re stuck in the middle of grief.” And boy, does she deliver it with an emotional intensity that will give you chills.

Working with the Grammy-winning Glenn Worf and the legendary Paul Franklin to bring this track to life, there’s an honesty in “Drunk Thoughts” that’s as clear as day. The team got together in the iconic Ronnie’s Place Studio in Nashville, creating something so raw and genuine that it demands to be heard.

For those who’ve ever laid back, looked at the ceiling fan, and let a sad country song tell their story, Jenna’s words are a testament that there’s light at the end of heartbreak. As she so beautifully put it, “Heartbreak is painful, but it feels a little better knowing we’re all going through it together.”

This is just the start for Jenna LaMaster, and we’re thankful to be along for the ride. Follow her journey on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Threads.

Cover Photo: Caitlin McNaney | -IG: @naneframe


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