Matt Williams Sets the Tone with New Single, ‘Coincide’

Matt Williams, an artist tearing it up through Oklahoma – specifically the Stillwater music scene – has dropped his latest banger. He has been straying from the “traditional” view of the Red Dirt style, along with pretty much everyone else in that area, by churning out pure alternative rock tunes, like his past releases including Lost & Broken and Maybe Next Time. On November 3rd, Williams added to that list with his newest single, Coincide.

Coincide is very moody. Williams is especially good at putting the specific emotion of “melancholy” on full display in all his releases. He conveys these feelings well with his voice, but the lyrics are also a factor for sure (shoutout to his brother, Mason, the songsmith). The maturation of Williams as an artist and the quality of his tracks after each release are always going up. I love the direction he is going and taking his band, because they are a talented group of guys and will absolutely blow up after some time.

Coincide talks about burying your emotions, but also realizing that they’re eating away at you at the same time,” Williams explains. “It really is just a story of the small, everyday emotional struggles that impact us, and wishing we has just a little bit more control of these emotions.”

Give Coincide by Matt Williams a listen today!

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