Huser Brother Band Drops New EP, ‘Becoming Somebody’

Huser Brother Band has been making quite a name for themselves in the past year or so. Brothers Josh and Zach, along with their band, have been drawing larger and larger audiences with each show, and have even toured with the Texas superhero, Koe Wetzel. On November 3rd, the boys released their new EP, Becoming Somebody, which shows you exactly what the group is about. It’s a nicely put together collection of four songs that anybody who follows the Texas scene should give a gander.

Starting off is their title track, “Becoming Somebody,” which really puts Josh’s vocal ability on display right away – it’s smooth like butter and bites down at the same time. This is one of those examples of a song that toes the line right in between country and rock, which is super popular in the Texas scene right now, and the Husers kill it. “Let You Go” is a lower tempo track that spotlights the soulfulness that these guys can pull off. The harmonization here also works well if you can catch it.

“No More” is gloomy and dark in nature, which is framed by the acoustic picking at the beginning, which is personally my favorite part of the song. After it kicks in, of course, the tune shows itself to be very sonically pleasing. “Messed Around” is a big standout in my opinion. The first thing that comes to mind whenever this gets cranked up is that it could’ve came out of a ‘90s time capsule. There’s a reggae and rock infused (ska, maybe?) sound that is given off here – think Red Hot Chili Peppers or Sublime. The melody is extremely catchy, it’s performed beautifully and a perfect way to close the EP.

Huser Brother Band are killing it, and all reservations you may have will be decimated once you give their newest release, Becoming Somebody, a listen. Do it now!

Cover Photo by Zane Scott.


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