Unleashing the Raw and Authentic Sound of Country Music: A Review of Cody Johnson’s ‘Leather’ Album

The Texas cowboy strikes us again releasing his latest album, Leather. This album consists of 12 tracks, each with its own unique identity rather than revolving around a central theme. The songs cover a wide range of topics such as religion, appreciation for the fans, family, and classic Texan pride anthems.

Each song is a unique expression, portraying the ebbs and flows of life and the pursuit of inner strength and redemption.

The album commences with the upbeat and melodious “Work Boots”. The song’s lyrics are a witty and charming tribute to the beloved footwear of a cowboy and its pivotal role in winning over a woman’s heart.

CoJo recently spoke with Billboard about the title track of his album, “Leather”. He shared how the song celebrates the resilience and toughness of cowboys, comparing them to the strength of leather. Johnson was particularly impressed by the lyrics, which emphasize the hard work and struggles that shape a cowboy’s character. He also appreciated the yodel in the song, which adds to its authentic cowboy feel. While he initially considered removing it, Trent encouraged him to keep it, recognizing its importance to the song. 

During an awards show, Johnson made an off-the-cuff comment proclaiming “Long live country music.” This comment inspired the creation of the track, “Long Live Country Music” which features a collaboration with the iconic Brooks & Dunn for the trio we didn’t know the world needed. 

Another collaboration we didn’t know we needed, was CoJo and Jelly Roll. They collaborated on a new song called “Whiskey Bent”. The song is about facing one’s demons and has received a lot of praise. Initially, Jelly Roll was meant to sing a different song called “Jesus Loves You”. However, after hearing the lyrics to “Whiskey Bent,” Jelly Roll was moved to tears and requested to sing that song instead. Johnson also related to the song, saying that although people see him as a clean-cut and wholesome person, he has faced his own demons just like anyone else.

Johnson showcases his vulnerable side on several tracks, including the piano-driven ballad “Dirt Cheap,” the heart-wrenching “Watching My Old Flame,” and the beautifully written love song, “The Painter.” In “Watching My Old Flame,” he delivers unique lyrics that poignantly describe the pain of seeing an ex-partner move on. Meanwhile, “The Painter” offers a stunning portrayal of true love. “Dirt Cheap” captures the experience of landowners who are being offered money to sell their property for the purpose of developing a subdivision.

Make sure to check out Leather wherever you stream music!

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